Always discuss any food sensitivities with your server prior to ordering so you may receive the

proper preparation of your meal.


* not available gluten free



tuna hache - chopped tuna, cucumber, radish, green onion, hoisin, sesame  14

crab cakes - spicy remoulade sauce, wasabi caviar, cucumber ceviche  16

deviled eggs - organic eggs, duet of smoked trout & wasabi caviar, sambal  12

wild shrimp - jumbo shrimp, organic greens, lemon, house cocktail sauce  15


escargots - garlic, butter, basil pesto  15      

ox-tail poutine - hand cut fries, braised ox-tail ragout, crumbled goat cheese  14  SOLD OUT

potato croquette - chicken & double smoked bacon, organic sweetcorn puree, maple syrup  10

truffle potat0 -  burgundy truffle mash, pata negra chorizo, peruvian potato chips, scallion 14 SOLD OUT



cauliflower steak - roast center cut cauliflower, pine nuts, fermented black garlic, poached raisins  14

salade verts - simple organic greens, Dijon house dressing  7

bistro salad - cucumber, tomato, radish, olives, peppers, sunflower seeds, balsamic, olive oil  12

beet salad - opal beets, goat cheese, organic greens, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed oil  12

mushroom soup - porcini & mixed mushrooms, cream, sherry, green onion  12



breast of duck - long island duck, vegetable potato hash, candied orange, cassis, au jus  32

roast rack of lamb - grass fed lamb, Dijon mustard, vegetable potato hash, au jus  36

trio of shellfish - crab cake, shrimp, diver scallops, asparagus, truffle mashed potato  38      

market fish filet changes daily according to market  mp

mushroom risotto - carnaroli rice, cream, burgundy truffle butter, shaved parmesan cheese  26



beef wellington for 2 *filet mignon, puff pastry, mushrooms, mustard, haricot verts, bordelaise sauce

(45 min)  110

petite filet au poivre - 6oz filet mignon, vegetable potato gateaux, peppercorn crema  34

surf & turf - 6oz filet mignon, three jumbo shrimp, vegetable potato hash, veal jus  46

filet & foie gras - 6oz filet mignon, foie gras torchon medallion, potato gateaux, port reduction  48

steak diane - trimmed & pounded new york steak, mushrooms, garlic, sherry, cream  35

steak frites - 10oz new york steak, hand cut fries  35

filet mignon                                 8oz     $42                             10oz    $48

new york strip steak                  10oz    $36                             14oz    $42


choice a sauce: red zin jus, mushroom sauce, peppercorn cream, horseradish


SIDES:                         haricots verts     broccoli     vegetable medley    garlic mushrooms   asparagus  7         

                                    hand cut fries    potato hash     fingerlings  7




fujii apple cobbler - sautéed fujii apples, turbinado sugar, butter & almond crumble  12

crème brulee - classic sugar glazed vanilla bean custard  12

chocolate verrine - chocolate mousse, fruit coulis,  berries, edible gold leaf  12 SOLD OUT

cheesecake - flourless cheesecake, glazed bananas, banana jam, fruit coulis  12

strawberries - florida strawberries, pouring cream  9

trio of cheeses- -three international cheeses, sesame cracker bread, grapes, olives (request gf)  15



6 course chefs tasting menu


Inspired by local & international ingredients, changes daily, some olde, some new, some innovative         85pp  

Entire table only, chefs choice, no changes

Menu items subject to changes